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The Heart of Waraba’s purpose is to help sustainable entrepreneurs to be wildly successful, because their success is the under-appreciated key to solving climate change and creating a healthy planet.

We achieve our purpose by supporting and connecting entrepreneurs through storytelling, networking, mentoring, and blogging on sustainable entrepreneurship with contributors from around the world.


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Waraba means lion in the West African language of Bambara and the lion symbolizes courage and strength in many cultures across the globe.   We believe the lion is an excellent metaphor for an entrepreneur, and we hope you will realize the following benefits from the Waraba community:

Community. The Heart of Waraba reminds us that we are not alone. We are all working in concert with millions of entrepreneurs across the global to create great businesses AND a healthy planet. 

Innovation. The Heart of Waraba can be a source of innovation. Sharing stories is a powerful way to inspire the new ideas required to grow your company.

Opportunity.  The Heart of Waraba can create connections and business opportunities. Connections made through the Heart of Waraba can create opportunities to expand to new markets, find sources of capital, and make friends all of the world.


Successful entrepreneurs around the world know that the generosity and guidance from others was an important factor in growing their companies.  The Heart of Waraba is both an opportunity to receive and to give back, and it is an entirely free service.  The Heart of Waraba’s measure of success is that we help entrepreneurs on their journey of creating great companies and improving the health of their communities and the planet.

Michael Shore

I appreciate being part of the movement to create a global sustainable economy.   I have founded and grown durable businesses from scratch, led my solar company to become a $100 million enterprise and rank 46th on the INC 500 list, raised oodles of capital, made my home state a world leader in solar deployment, and advised dozens of clean energy companies across the globe to become more profitable and more resilient.

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