Organizations and Networks

Central Eurasia Leadership Alliance

Geography: Caucasus, Central Asia, Mongolia and  Afghanistan.

Role: The Central Eurasia Leadership Alliance (CELA) is an ambitious, multicultural initiative, promoting regional cooperation and fostering the development of tomorrow’s most forward-thinking leaders.


Geography: Global.

Role: Endeavor is a support system for high-impact entrepreneurs with a global network of mentors and business leaders.

Entrepreneurs Futures Network

Geography: United States.

Role: To help organizations and individuals to tap the power of entrepreneurial mentoring.

Entrepreneurs Organization

Geography: Global.

Role: To educate, transform, inspire and offer invaluable resources in the form of global events, leadership-development programs, an online entrepreneur forum and executive education opportunities, among other offerings designed for personal and professional growth.

Global Entrepreneur Network

Geography: Global.

Role: The Global Entrepreneurship Network operates a platform of projects and programs in 170 countries aimed at making it easier for anyone, anywhere to start and scale a business.

Echoing Green

Geography: Global.

Role: To help young entrepreneurs achieve their vision by providing seed-funding, leadership development, hands-on support, and networking opportunities – during their Fellowship and beyond.

Entrepreneur’s Hub

Geography: East Africa.

Role: Entrepreneur’s Hub support start-ups on how to start, grow and run a sustainable business with a focus on strategic, operational and commercial excellence.

Global Entrepreneurship Institute

Geography: Global.

Role: To be a trusted source for educating and supporting entrepreneurs in 195 Countries.

Leaders Ex

Geography: Global.

Role: To elevate a community of accomplished leader creators who share a sense of destiny and are uniquely positioned to transform leadership global cultures.

The Happy Startup School

Geography: Global.

Role: An online school and off-grid gatherings for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and leaders that balance money with meaning.


Geography: The United States with resources valuable globally.

Role: Innov8social creates experiences, content, training, and tools to make social entrepreneurship and impact leadership more accessible and actionable.

Impact Entrepreneur

Geography: The United States and Global.

Role: The Impact Entrepreneur Center is an is active in education, incubation and the overall building of the social impact space for entrepreneurs, investors, scholars and students of social and environmental innovation.

Middle East Learning Academy

Geography: Middle East.

Role: MELA is a non-profit leadership development network, established in 2010, that accelerates personal and professional growth across 13 Arab countries – fostering responsible and ethical leadership best practice across a community of interconnected, up-and-coming, high potential Middle Eastern business leaders.

Southeast Asia Leadership Academy

Geography: Southeast Asia.

Role: SEALA was launched by international CEOs and entrepreneurs to share practical knowledge and leadership tools, mentorship, network support and global networks, making them fully available to a new generation of leaders.


Geography: Global.

Role: StartUpBlock runs highly-rated leadership institutes in Los Angeles, Raleigh-Durham and New York for civic leaders, educators, activists, freelancers and entrepreneurs each year. These serve as the launching event into the lifelong Fellowship.


Geography: Global.

Role: Uncharted partners with governments, corporations, and foundations, and pull in mentors and funders, to help our entrepreneurs scale.

Venture Well

Geography: United States.

Role: To help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to market through workshops and training, coaching and mentoring, funding and awards.

Village Capital

Geography: United States, Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, Latin America.

Role: Villiage Capital build a community of entrepreneurs solving a major problem in society, thought a series of intensive programs focused on helping a cohort of entrepreneurs build the team, secure the strategic partnerships, and raise the investment capital they need to scale their business.

World Business Academy

Geography: Global.

Role: To research, publish and implement innovative practical solutions for the world’s most pressing challenges, and seek to define business as a positive social partner.

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