Heart of Waraba Launches its Writing Season, 2020

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The roar is back.  The Heart of Waraba has a new set of intern-writers and a plethora of new stories to share.   

We at the Heart of Waraba believe sustainable entrepreneurs are innovators and the tip of the spear for creating a healthy planet.  The Heart of Waraba (Heart of the Lion) shares the stories of sustainable entrepreneurs to (1) promote hope and solutions in the face of our environmental challenges and (2) encourage business as a force to create a healthy planet.

The work of Heart of Waraba is often most poignant and impactful when the stories of sustainable entrepreneurs are told by college-age students who understand the power of entrepreneurship to contribute to solving the world’s most pressing environmental challenges.  Click here to listen to the trailer podcast where I introduce the writer for 2020.   Ben Rappaport, Jessica Reid, Srilekhya Vennamaneni, and Amelia Shore are the four impressive university students who are studying topics ranging from journalism to entrepreneurship to sustainable design.

These writers are emerging leaders passionate about both creating a healthy planet and entrepreneurship as a global economic force.  Their values, idealism, and commitment make them perfect storytellers to share the incredible work of sustainable entrepreneurs.

I invite you to visit the Heart of Waraba website at Waraba means lion in the west African language of Bambara.  The lion is a perfect metaphor for our nonprofit because it takes courage to be an entrepreneur.  It also takes courage to be an intern writer for the Heart of Waraba. I welcome you on our journey and am excited for you to hear the stories these interns will share.

Michael Shore
Author: Michael Shore

Michael is passionate about creating a sustainable planet and supporting entrepreneurial companies. His loves his work the most when he can do both at the same time.

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